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BNN iq test

BNN National IQ test was an interactive TV overlay broadcast in The Netherlands. It allowed the viewer to participate with the live broadcast of the TV show and answer the questions with their remote control. At the end of the test a viewer received on screen feedback of...
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Discovery Channel

Discovery: Everest Beyond The Limit was an enhanced TV service accesible via 4 Discovery Channels as well as via the interactive TV portal on the UPC digital TV platform. The service was available 24/7 for the period of the TV series and extended the viewing experience for the...
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Haiti Donation

This enhanced TV application enabled viewers to donate money via digital TV during the live broadcast of a charity event in 2010. The event was organized to raise money for the earthquake that occurred on the 12 of January 2010 in Haiti. The application won the AFDESI Grand prix award in 2010....
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